新店開業 13天,一場聯動,單店銷量40+萬,有點狠!
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Xiaoman brings you a new store

Before starting to appreciate

First of all

Let's first experience this set of data.

6月8日➟正式開業 ✔

6月22-7月14日➟參與晉蒙聯動大促 ✔

聯動銷量➟單店:42萬 ✔

完成率➟137.5% ✔



Officially opened on June 8th 

June 22-July 14 ➟ Participated in the Jinmeng joint promotion 

Linked sales volume ➟ single store: 420,000 

Completion rate ➟137.5% 

Ranking: 2 provinces and 11 cities sales third quarter 

Romance bricks again use data to prove



Be a ROMANTIC agent

Make money by building a store, and not enter the store!



Wulancha ROMANTIC is located in the west hall of the first floor of the Ulan Qab, which is located on the first floor of the Real Estate. The store covers an area of more than 200 square meters. The store follows the design concept of modern, fashionable and luxurious for ROMANTIC. Create a unique and comfortable experience space.



The 1200x2400mm continuous slab "National Color Fragrance" is seamlessly tiled. The strong marble texture is like ink painting. The flowing ink moves gradually on the white brick surface. The black and white alternates and penetrates into each other. It is like a vast expanse. The long scrolls of the mountains and rivers reflect the elegant sense of flow in the subtleties, and have a unique charm.9.jpg



The transparent and transparent floor-to-ceiling glass window, with the “simple and rude” display method, allows you to enjoy the product elements in the store, and the characteristic tile products are perfectly presented at a glance.



The selection area uses an open space design that allows light to penetrate every corner, perfectly showing the most intuitive effect of the product, creating a simple and visual enjoyment for the space.



In a difficult market environment, some people choose to quit halfway, while others choose to face difficulties. In the big wave of sand in the building materials market, Fan Zong, general manager of Wulancha ROMANTIC ceramic tile, chose the latter – wind and wave, and take advantage of the momentum.




Fan Zong, a young 80-year-old helmman, has been self-employed and engaged in laymen's work before acting as the agent of the ROMANTIC brand. However, under an occasional opportunity, Fan and ROMANTIC became attached to the brand. After conducting investigations and investigations, Fan was attracted by ROMANTIC brand strength, product advantages, service system, brand positioning and other aspects, and decisively joined ROMANTIC. Although Fan is not lacking in professional hardware compared to the old drivers who have been rolling in the industry for many years, Fan has never been afraid, actively cooperated with manufacturers, and supported by one-on-one professional training and sales at the headquarters. The Lanzab ROMANTIC tile is slowly on the right track.



In the fierce market competition, Fan has developed a broader market through multiple channels, focusing on retail, home improvement and engineering. In the promotion activities, Fan has actively participated in the cooperation, through the field support of the manufacturers, and through the promotion activities. Building momentum, drainage, and through the performance of this event, Fan added more positive that the event promotion played an important role in the increase in store sales.



In Fan’s opinion, the store decoration is hardware and the team is software. After deciding to act as the agent of the ROMANTIC brand, Mr. Fan decided to choose a high-end building materials store with high local traffic and superior geographical position - the home of the real estate, and immediately invested in renovation, trying to show the best brand appearance to consumers. To bring consumers a stylish and international ceramic tile pavilion.



In terms of team components, Mr. Fan pays great attention to team cohesion and division of work, so that each position matches the corresponding talents in the post, shopping guide, business, designers, store managers, each position has its own role, various reward systems continue It spurs the enthusiasm of the team, and the regular team activities have formed a good team spirit and laid a solid foundation for the high-quality development of the store.



With the expectation of the future, Fan said that in the future, the pace of the ROMANTIC tile will be followed, and the local market of Ulan Qab will be launched to make the ROAMANTIC become bigger and stronger.